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Breakpoint merges with MNI

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27.12.2006, CForum.ru

Breakpoint, a dynamically growing developer and publisher of mobile entertainment software, has merged with MNI - a leading Polish media and telecom group.

The very good results of Breakpoint and its promising perspectives for the future have been now supported by the telecom industry investor. MNI has purchased 57% of Breakpoint shares for the amount of 4,66 mln PLN (1,2 mln EUR), financed from MNI own resources.

We start the new year with great perspectives to expand” – commented Paweł Nowak, Breakpoint's CEO – “It is on account of the MNI Group that Breakpoint is going to have a bigger opportunity for growth, due to new investments and corporate synergy.”

Breakpoint forecasts triple increase in sales in 2007. The company has signed contracts for games distribution with dozens of carriers all over the world, among others: Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange; its total sales network counts almost 80 distributors, including 16 in Poland.

Breakpoint's incorporation into Group means for MNI further enhancement of its position on the content and services providers market for mobile and interactive channels, including IPTV”, said Piotr Koenig, the Chairman of the Board of MNI. “The merger is especially crucial as for the planned introduction of MNI on the Polish market as an MVNO”, he added.

By merging with Breakpoint, MNI implements its strategy of offering complete and advanced services for media and telecommunication market. In the group Breakpoint is going to maintain its well-known brand and the independence of creating and promoting new IPs; the management also keep the positions. The 2007 investments are going to be placed in development of sales and marketing, as well as in acquiring 1-2 licenses for new games.

Mobile games are going to bring growth in global revenues from $3.1bn in 2006 to approaching $17.6bn by 2011 according to Juniper Research. Breakpoint is going to take a fair share of it. Ludwik Żółtowski, Breakpoint’s head of sales, invites you to explore the new possibilities, especially on Central and Eastern European market.

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