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02.11. [Маркетинг]  ЗНТЦ (Зеленоградский нанотехнологический центр, Зеленоградский наноцентр) / MForum.ru

09.01. [Маркетинг]  ЦТС / MForum.ru

09.01. [Маркетинг]  МТС Энтертайнмент / MForum.ru

28.02. [Маркетинг]   Материнские платы / MForum.ru

01.10. [Бизнес]  Роботренды. Что нового в мире роботов и дронов / CForum.ru

24.04. [Бизнес]  Tele2 представила итоги работы на рынке мобильной коммерции на Дальнем Востоке / CForum.ru

13.10. [Бизнес]  Tele2 объявляет об акции "Бесплатные ретро-хиты" / CForum.ru

06.10. [Бизнес]  Компания J’son & Partners Consulting представляет оценки рынка цифровой дистрибуции музыки в Росси и в мире по итогам 2013 года / CForum.ru

18.09. [Бизнес]  Рейтинг мобильных разработчиков России 2014 от Тэглайн / CForum.ru

24.08. [Бизнес]  КСелл вышел на рынок мобильного эквайринга / CForum.ru

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08.10.2007.  A Russian Software Maker Named Best / CForum.ru

13.08.2007.  MobileMonday Global Summit 2007. Helsinki-S.Petersburg. September 10-11 / CForum.ru

01.08.2007.  Forget about SMS ? MMS! WapAlta - New Step to Unlimited Communication / CForum.ru

07.07.2007.  I-play unveils Q3 line-up. Oberon-owned publisher adds made-for-mobile video to its games mix / Mobile Entertainment

20.06.2007.  Call of Juarez is heading mobile with Breakpoint
“Call of Juarez” – FPP (first person perspective) shooter hit set in the Wild West realities and created by the Polish company, Techland, – is heading mobile. The mobile game is to be prepared by Breakpoint, a company owned by MNI Premium. It is the first licence agreement between these companies and at the same time the beginning of their strategic cooperation.

30.05.2007.  UK mobile content market approaching tipping point / CForum.ru

22.05.2007.  GSMA launches Mobile Advertizing Programme to optimize advertizing on the "fourth screen" / CForum.ru

26.04.2007.  Momentum builds around GSMA's Pay-Buy Mobile Project / CForum.ru

29.01.2007.  SIDSA launches the smallest and most interoperable DVB-H mobile TV platform in the world / CForum.ru

25.01.2007.  Breakpoint enters the world of the Witcher / CForum.ru

22.01.2007.  DRM rows enliven Midem / Mobile Entertainment
Bitter differences over the protection of digital music are exploding across the Midem music event. The results are often ill-tempered and frequently amusing – an indication of just how fundamental the DRM (Digital Rights Management) debate is to the future of the music business.

09.01.2007.  Mobile Monday Ukraine opens a new season / CForum.ru

09.01.2007.  Roamware to sponsor Sundance Film Festival Global Short Film Project / CForum.ru

27.12.2006.  Breakpoint merges with MNI / CForum.ru
Breakpoint, a dynamically growing developer and publisher of mobile entertainment software, has merged with MNI - a leading Polish media and telecom group.

14.12.2006.  Khronos Invites Industry Peer Review of OpenKODE 1.0 Specification Draft / CForum.ru

11.12.2006.  Mobile games developer and publisher Breakpoint is looking for partners in Russia/CIS / CForum.ru

10.12.2006.  Arbinet Acquires Flowphonics, Ltd. UK Firm Specializes in Music and Video Rights, Licensing, Distribution / CForum.ru

20.10.2006.  Jinny to enable mobile banking solution for Southern African Tier 1 operator USSD-based solution offers banking accessibility for all / CForum.ru

13.09.2006.  Lastmile Communications signs five-year strategic channel agreement with healthcare solutions provider / CForum.ru

23.08.2006.  Cartoon Network mobile TV soon will be available to Orange subscribers across Europe / CForum.ru
Turner Broadcasting System Europe Limited today announces the exciting news that Cartoon Network mobile TV will soon be available to Orange subscribers across Europe, following a successful deal with France Telecom.

23.08.2006.  The PMN Mobile User Experience intelligence - two meetings, two reports / CForum.ru
Learn from the industry's leading mobile user experience experts with the MEX reports - price is GBP 395 + VAT.

04.08.2006.  Sicap acquires Swapcom to strengthen global market position / CForum.ru

26.06.2006.  Shah to kick off Develop mobile day / Mobile Entertainment

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