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Call of Juarez is heading mobile with Breakpoint

Игры · J2ME · English · Развлечения


“Call of Juarez” – FPP (first person perspective) shooter hit set in the Wild West realities and created by the Polish company, Techland, – is heading mobile. The mobile game is to be prepared by Breakpoint, a company owned by MNI Premium. It is the first licence agreement between these companies and at the same time the beginning of their strategic cooperation.

The most important advantage of the cooperation with Breakpoint is making “Call of Juarez” known to the people who have never seen this title before. There is a big chance that the players who will take a liking to the mobile version will also reach for the PC or X360 versions. Breakpoint has convinced us with its know-how and the high level of the games created so far. Currently, Techland is in the middle of creating next PC and console games, for which we are keen to prepare mobile versions too” – comments Przemysіaw Marmul, International Sales Director of Techland.

The idea for the mobile game “Call of Juarez” is a dynamic shooter viewed from the top. The graphics of the western is to be as close to the original as possible. Technological development of mobile phones offers richer and richer visualization and playability opportunities. The mobile game is to be ready until the end of 2007.

Techland is one of the biggest and best-known Polish game producers home and abroad. Several of its titles, first of all the game “Chrome”, have been a success on the international market. We consider our cooperation with Techland as strategic – it will surely increase awareness of Breakpoint brand among players” – adds Paweі Feldman, Licensing and Publishing Manager of Breakpoint.

“Call of Juarez”, published in the world by Ubisoft, has achieved a success in its PC version. At the beginning of June, this year, it also appeared in the USA and was issued for the Xbox360 console. The Polish PC version has already been sold in nearly 1m. copies.

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