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A Russian Software Maker Named Best

English · Разное

08.10.2007, CForum.ru

Spb Software House, the world's leading Windows Mobile software maker, received unparalleled recognition at the seventh annual Handango Partner Summit, held during the last week of September in San Diego, USA. Spb Software House claimed the Best Evolution Application and the Best Entertainment Application awards, as well as the Developer of the Year title in the Windows Mobile Pocket PC category.

The event, organized by Handango, the world's leading provider of smartphone content, traditionally brings together the mobile industry's leading content providers, handset manufacturers, wireless carriers, and platform vendors, who gather to share their views on the latest trends on the mobile content market, the major factors influencing its development, and the change in the mindset of the ever-growing community of mobility consumers.

"Aside from the pleasure of getting prestigious recognition, the summit gave us a brilliant opportunity to hold intimate discussions and mingle with the world's leading players in the mobility realm," admitted Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, Spb Software House CEO - "We all agreed that the portrait of a typical mobile content user is changing forever: we envisage that our traditional, high-tech category of users will stay put, but there will be a lot of 'fresh blood' coming from the business users and the social communicators as well. And our leading position on the mobile content market compels us to already start the process of adjusting the services and products to the expectations of our new user groups; when they come, we have to be ready to give them a warm welcome."

Spb Software House is a company devoted to giving its customers an ultimate user experience, delivering a multitude of options for personalization and customization of its software and the Windows Mobile devices it is installed on. This year, the company's products had dominated the list of top-selling titles in Handango 2007 Second Quarter Yardstick, securing six slots out of ten, "but getting three prestigious awards at the Handango Partner Summit, still came as an incredibly pleasant surprise, and this highest recognition from customers and professionals urges us to continue to innovate and confirms that we are on the right track," concluded Sebastian-Justus Schmidt.

Spb Software House was twice before named the Developer of the Year by Handango in 2003 and 2006. This year, Spb Software House also claimed the Best Evolution Application with Spb Mobile Shell, and the Best Entertainment Application with Spb Brain Evolution, both in the Windows Mobile Pocket PC Category.


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