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Forget about SMS ? MMS! WapAlta - New Step to Unlimited Communication

English · Услуги

01.08.2007, CForum.ru

You are an active, sociable individual? You often travel on business or for pleasure or simply go out of town with friends? You want to keep informed about events whenever you are? Then WapAlta is a good pick for you!

Generatum Software has announced the international launch of its free mobile email service, which is now available for Europe, Canada and USA.

WapAlta allows its users to send and get emails using a mobile phone, regardless of where they are. Now there is no need to take a laptop with you on a journey in order to check or send mail. The only thing you need to have is a mobile phone with enabled WapAlta service.

WapAlta is intended for a wide spectrum of users. It can be used by business people regularly communicating by email, students, company employees who have to travel around the city and people who are going on a journey.

It's important to note that WapAlta allows you to use any existing mailbox, such as GMail, Yahoo, MSN and any other. Simplicity of setup and ease of use are obvious advantages of WapAlta.

The service is free for all users. This means you can forget about SMS and MMS because using WapAlta, you can send and get real email, including photos and other attached files.

Key WapAlta Features

  • WapAlta works well with mailboxes provided by free servers (@gmail.com, @yahoo.com and etc.), as well as commercial and corporate servers.
  • WapAlta provides users with a new mobile mailbox: name@wapalta.mobi. To get a mailbox, please select this option during the registration. .
  • WapAlta client applications allow you to add files to outgoing mail, which are stored in memory of the mobile phone (for example, photos, sound files). Also, client applications can receive messages that contain such files.
  • WapAlta servers receive and process messages, automatically modifying attached files to the capabilities of the mobile phone. They also provide protection from spam and offer a range of extra services.

The new mobile service has some advantages. Firstly, WapAlta is flexible and universal. Secondly, it modifies attached files to the mobile phone. Thirdly, WapAlta supports a wider range of phones (thanks to its realization on various platforms: WML / XHTML / J2ME). And finally, WapAlta is convenient and easy to use.

Using WapAlta

WapAlta is available for free to all users. However the service is paid for corporate users and a special licensing option for the use within an organization is offered on the commercial basis. WapAlta is an international service and doesn't depend on mobile service provider. To enable the service, register at www.wapalta.com/eng/main/ .

About Generatum Software

Generatum Software was founded on July 22, 2004 in Russia and acquired a reputation as a provider of high quality products. Among them there is Generatum Framework that has been used to build such client-server mobile applications as "Sobaka.ru" - a mobile high-life chronicle; "Sekret Firmi" - a mobile library of business literature. Other products include a branch-wise Russian information search system called "WebAgro.net" and an entertainment portal "Mad-Love.ru".

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