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Red Oxygen launches its corporate email-to-SMS product suite with one of the world’s largest operators, VimpelCom (Beeline)

SMS-интерактив · Услуги

14.08.2007, CForum.ru

Red Oxygen, a upcoming ICT company based in Brisbane, announced today that will launch it’s suite of corporate text messaging products today with one of the world’s largest and fastest growing operators, VimpelCom (Beeline ТM), with over 56,8 million subscribers. VimpelCom will offer the Red Oxygen email–to–SMS solution set for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook and a stand alone version for windows. The Red Oxygen products allow business users to send/receive SMS messages using their existing email client, Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. The Red Oxygen solutions allow them to use their existing email database and the Red Oxygen solutions will send SMS alerts of any event logged into their email calendar.

Some of Red Oxygen’s direct corporate customers include: Pfizer, Qantas, Siemens, PWC, BHP and 3M. “Enterprises are looking for ways to communicate with remote work force in a timely, cost effective manor, and SMS has no competition. You can send a text message to over 3 billion people on the planet, and there are only 6 million blackberry users, worldwide. We are very excited to be launching our service in one of the world’s fastest growing mobile markets, with one of the world’s largest mobile operators” Says Tom Sheahan, CEO of Red Oxygen.

“VimpelCom is strongly committed to the task of offering its corporate customers world-class, reliable, effective and easy-to-use solutions, capable of optimizing their business communication processes. Red Oxygen fits in well with our customers' needs, our technical requirements and our mission, offering wide range of products and ease of integration with the existing IT architecture, billing and applications” Сomments Oksana Belyaeva, Marketing Director, Business segment & Roaming, VimpelCom.

About Red Oxygen

Established in Australia in 2001, Red Oxygen is one of the world’s leading developers of Enterprise SMS / Text messaging software applications and services. Red Oxygen combines the power of today’s email applications, instant messaging clients or CRM applications with the ease, convenience and mobility of SMS / text messaging. Their seamlessly integrated products allow businesses to utilise the full capabilities of their existing contacts address book to send SMS / Text messages to specific individuals or entire lists, all as easily as sending an email. Users can also have their calendar reminders automatically sent to their mobiles, send broadcast SMS / Text messages to large lists and even receive replies straight into their inboxes or CRM application from message recipients. Red Oxygen software is available for Microsoft Outlook, Window, IBM’s Sametime, Outlook Express and IBM’s Lotus Notes.

Red Oxygen has over 140,000 clients across a broad array of industries and geographies. Their current customer list includes clients such as Pfizer, BMW, Qantas, Microsoft, Siemens, Panasonic, Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, Frito Lay, Billabong, 3M and others. These customers span Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America. Red Oxygen’s products are also distributed by HP, Swisscom Mobile, the largest mobile operator in Switzerland, and Vodafone Portugal, part of the world’s largest wireless cross-country operator.


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