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17.06. ТТК запустил WiMAX в поселках Копейска Челябинской области

18.06. ТТК увеличил технический охват сети ШПД в Озерске

10.05. TrackChecker для iPhone/iPad

17.04. ТТК-Южный Урал увеличил скорость доступа в Интернет для жителей Сатки и Бакала

14.04. Технический охват ТТК в Сатке увеличился на 35%

26.03. ТТК начинает предоставлять услуги связи в Чебаркуле Челябинской области

24.03. ТТК-Южный Урал предоставляет Wi-Fi роутеры абонентам в Карабаше и Новогорном

24.02. ТТК-Южный Урал увеличил скорость Интернета в трех городах Челябинской области

21.02. ТТК начал строительство сети ШПД в Озерске Челябинской области

19.02. ТТК-Южный Урал более чем в 2 раза увеличил скорость Интернета в Златоусте

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SITRONICS IT and WINGS implement a project of digital TV system in Enter Svyaznoy


“SITRONICS IT” in partnership with “WINGS” started the implementation of WINGS ViziCell project for Digital Signage technology deployment in a new retail chain Enter Svyaznoy. Company's press-release

Moscow, 05 December 2011. “SITRONICS Information Technologies” one of the biggest system integrators and leading providers of IT products, solutions and services in Eastern Europe and CIS and WINGS a leader of the Russian market of technology platforms for providing mobile services report the start of implementation project of WINGS ViziCell  Digital Signage class solution in a new retail chain Enter Svyaznoy.

Enter is a new federal nonfood retail chain. It has one beneficiary with “Svyaznoy”, the only independent mobile retailer in Russia having more than 2400 mobile stores in 670 Russian cities. Enter is a new retail format for Russia which combines Internet trading sites and traditional shops. The first Enter chain store was opened this year in October. The first stage of the project implementation in Enter was the “pilot” digital TV system implementation in 10 chain stores which will have been opened by the end of 2011.

To guarantee wide field in providing marketing and promo campaigns in Enter sales points on the whole territory of Russia “Sitronics IT” project team in partnership with WINGS specialists implemented the solution based on WINGS ViziCell Digital Signage class system. WINGS ViziCell system has a centralized architecture enabling to work with federal networks having thousands of end devices and terminal centers allowing to replay simultaneously different video and audio contents, to interact with visitors via Bluetooth or sensor screens.

Digital Signage equipment will be installed in each Enter chain store to show advertising content for informing customers about new marketing offers, new goods and services as well as for translating video on televisions presented in the store for sale. All Digital Signage devices will be combined in one network managed by central server cluster. WINGS ViziCell system has a control point with intuitive WEB-interface to control the equipment which is the part of the solution, to work with content, to configure promo campaigns, for media planning as well as for gathering data on content translations in points of sale and other statistics data.

It is worth mentioning that content management mechanism of WINGS ViziCell system monitors the display of each commercial, allows gathering statistics online and also sets an individual media plan for each point of sale or a group united on territorial or other grounds. Although the connection between the server and the terminal  parts is done through a corporate data communication network, the terminal part is completely independent. Even in case of disconnection with the central server, the solution will continue to work comprehensively in the points of sale.

“This year Digital Signage class networking in Enter has become the second successful project as part of cooperation between SITRONICS IT and WINGS”, notes Dmitriy Gorbachev, Head of “SITRONICS IT” integrated projects division in Russia, “We see great challenges in expanding the creation of systems replaying video content together with the partner and place our main stakes on competence development in the retail market segment”.

Earlier “SITRONICS IT” and “WINGS” launched the biggest Digital Signage network in Russia in MTS mobile stores.

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