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17.06. ТТК запустил WiMAX в поселках Копейска Челябинской области

18.06. ТТК увеличил технический охват сети ШПД в Озерске

10.05. TrackChecker для iPhone/iPad

17.04. ТТК-Южный Урал увеличил скорость доступа в Интернет для жителей Сатки и Бакала

14.04. Технический охват ТТК в Сатке увеличился на 35%

26.03. ТТК начинает предоставлять услуги связи в Чебаркуле Челябинской области

24.03. ТТК-Южный Урал предоставляет Wi-Fi роутеры абонентам в Карабаше и Новогорном

24.02. ТТК-Южный Урал увеличил скорость Интернета в трех городах Челябинской области

21.02. ТТК начал строительство сети ШПД в Озерске Челябинской области

19.02. ТТК-Южный Урал более чем в 2 раза увеличил скорость Интернета в Златоусте

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NDrive Expands Navigation Offering to bada Wave 525 Family


Samsung Apps, December 1st, 2011, via CForum.ru – NDrive expands their navigation solution to the entire range of Samsung Wave devices including the popular Wave 525. Accordingly, NDrive returns to the scene as the earliest navigation developer for bada platform.

Let’s look at some Samsung Wave Statistics:

• According to Gartner, there were 2.5M bada-powered phones sold in 3Q2011
• 80% of this number are 5 models, Wave 525, 533, 575, 578, and 723

What exactly does this mean?  Essentially, the extended wave family has become an attractive opportunity for developers such as NDrive to produce affordable, application for devices which are fit for navigation. Until now, the race to accommodate this segment with has not been filled.

Starting from today, NDrive Navigation Systems offers their navigation solution to the entire range of Samsung Wave devices including the popular 525 model.

“Samsung Wave 525 and other ‘little badas’, as we call them at NDrive, are among the most affordable smartphones on the market. But despite of reduced CPU and graphics performance, these GPS-enabled devices are entirely fit for browsing, messaging, and turn-by-turn navigation. It was simply a matter of time to fine-tune our software for it.” — Ilídio Martins, NDrive’s lead bada developer.

Looking to meet an affordable phone with an accommodating, fully-featured onboard
turn-by-turn navigation – NDrive is available in Samsung Apps for 14 European
countries, plus India and Hong Kong, priced from 13 € for the 1-year license.
For NDrive in Samsung Apps: Click Here

Why 1 year, not lifetime? According to NDrive, the majority of customers demand the map update within the period of 1 year. By switching from lifetime to 1-year model, they decrease the cost of map making the offering more affordable and gain the ability to renew it upon the time. Of course, a user who wants to have the most up-to-date map will be able to purchase it as soon as it’s deployed by developer.

Worth a mention, NDrive also was the first to develop a real navigation app for Samsung Wave phone. Along with rolling out new apps for Wave 525 & Co., they are also updating their current offering for Wave and Wave II.

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