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Mobile games developer and publisher Breakpoint is looking for partners in Russia/CIS

Визитка · English · Зарубежные · J2ME

11.12.2006, CForum.ru

Breakpoint is a rapidly growing developer and publisher of entertainment software for wireless devices. Established in 2003, it has since developed over 60 mobile Java games for more than 300 mobile phones types.

Breakpoint’s titles span all major games genres and among the best selling games are: Solitaire, Speedway, SkiJam3D and Sudoku. The recent unique IPs include Reaper Man, Rikki the Dwarf and a shaggy Foofa creature.

Games are localized to several languages and distributed through business partners to end users from over 50 countries. Future projects will be focused on 3D technology, multiplayer modes and community interaction features.

Apart from developing its own games Breakpoint offers a broad portfolio of mobile gaming services, which covers advergaming, license-based games, QA services and publishing of other developers’ content, including Capcom. Breakpoint has also created a separate brand for adult content – Redhead Spurs.

In Russia and CIS countries Breakpoint looks for good opportunities to distribute quality games. It started already the cooperation with 15 partners, including MTS, Playfon and Megafon, but still both carriers and big aggregators are welcomed. The company also seeks constantly for talented development studio interested in publishing their games worldwide via Breakpoint’s channels.

Company strengths:

• Young, dynamic and creative team

• Strong technological base: engines, tools, localisation support, QA according to Java Verified™ Certificate

• Quick response to trends, new handset porting and special orders

• Valuable and reliable net of distributing partners.

Breakpoint Ltd. is registered in Poland with its head office in Warsaw and a subsidiary in Singapore. It employs 35 talented specialists who are involved in creating and developing Breakpoint's products and successful output. In 2007 Breakpoint is going to merge with MNI S.A. – a leading Polish telecom group listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange (WAR:MNI).


Robert Stopyra

Russia and APAC Sales Manager


Skype: robert.stopyra

tel: +48 (22) 831 75 45

fax: +48 (22) 408 70 07

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